The GO-TO GREEN Smoothie


This is my new go-to green smoothie! It is the perfect recipe for an energy boost in the morning or after a long day. I have tasted multiple green smoothies but this one is definitely my favorite. This is the best way to get all those healthy green foods in because you can get them in straight away in the morning. The health benefits of this smoothie are extraordinary, with anti-inflammatory pineapple and kiwi wich is high in vitamin c. This smoothie is refreshing and very tasty, plus it is super easy to make.

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Cinnamon Roll Protein​ Smoothie


This smoothie is a quick and super easy breakfast to make. It is filling, and it tastes amazing! This smoothie has the delightful cinnamon sweet flavours of a cinnamon roll, but it comes with only a portion of the sugar and it is much healthier. The great thing about any smoothie is that it is very customizable so you can create anything you want.  If you like banana based smoothies and cinnamon this is the perfect smoothie for you. This is also a great smoothie for the holidays because it has a comforting, wintery taste but it is also packed with fresh fruit and protein so you can stay energized throughout the day. Continue reading

Avocado & Egg on Toast

avocado-toast-breakfastI was searching for a healthy filling breakfast that would give me energy for the whole day and that would be easy to make. This breakfast only took me about 15 minutes to make and it tasted amazing. I really like the ingredients used in this recipe, but my favourite part is the coconut oil. I decided to use coconut oil in this recipe as a replacement for butter or margarine. It tastes delicious on toast even just by itself or with cinnamon for a quick snack.  Continue reading

3 Ingredient Banana Chocolate chip Cookies


There is nothing I like more than a delicious snack that only contains three healthy ingredients. With the cold season on its way, there is nothing I want more than some warm chocolate chip cookies. The great thing about these three ingredient cookies is that they are super healthy and very customizable. Ingredients can be added or removed, you can also change up the texture by quickly putting the ingredients in a blender. These make delicious breakfasts, after school snacks and even a tasty but healthy dessert. Plus they only use three ingredients that you are sure to have at home!

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

easy chocolate chip banana muffinsTo begin I would like to say, these muffins are practically fail safe. These are the firsts muffins I ever made, and they have worked out perfectly every time since. Most people like banana chocolate chip muffins so these will definitely become a staple. For this recipe and any other muffin recipe,  I would recommend using silicone reusable muffin cups. They are way better for the environment and you can throw them into the dishwasher to clean them. I only discovered them recently but will definitely be using them more often. Continue reading